Glass Magic Wipe (SE-01)

Remarkable as it may seem, I clean my windows with just tap water and my Glass Magic Wipe cloth for sparkling, clean windows. The "magic” seems like magic! There are no chemicals, no special liquids, nothing except water and a damp Wipe between me and my clean windows. Any other solid surfaces such as my storm doors, car windows, mirrors, and crystals on my dining room chandelier, are magically clean in just seconds.  

The secret, if there is one, is keeping the cloth rinsed and clean; ring it out well and don’t clean up grease or wax. You can wash the cloth with your regular, non-lint wash – no fabric softener (bleach not recommended). I rinse mine in the sink with a little dishwashing liquid, rinse under the faucet, and let dry. 

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Glass Magic Wipe

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